Welcome to DentalXChange

Welcome to DentalXChange

Dental Benefit Providers, Inc. has partnered with DentalXChange to offer you a complete, sophisticated EDI solution to process your DBP dental insurance claims and to instantly confirm eligibility and dental benefits for your DBP patients. DentalXChange offers user friendly, state-of-the-art technology and superior customer service for all your Dental EDI needs.

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For details, contact the DentalXChange Support team at 800.576.6412 ext. 452 or complete our support contact form.
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Special Offers for United Healthcare Providers

Dental Benefits Providers is excited to support your EDI transactions and services that will reduce your costs while making your operations more efficient. Registration is simple; just select the Partner Log In | Sign Up button. You'll be asked for basic provider and practice information including Tax ID, address, license and NPI.

ClaimConnect Direct Data Entry

This solution allows you to submit your dental claims to DBP free and without any special software. Simply complete an online version of an ADA claim form and submit it in minutes. DentalXChange also offers a claims storage package to safely store your patients' information for future use.

Real-Time Eligibility

This application allows instant checking of eligibility and benefits for your DBP patients. This amazing service will delight your staff and patients with its speed and accuracy. No more waiting on the phone, leaving messages, or requesting faxes. DBP brings these cost savings to you, our valued provider!

ClaimConnect Batch or All Payer Solution

Want to submit your insurance claims to all of your payers at once? DentalXChange allows you to upgrade to an All Payer Solution, allowing you to use your Practice Management System to submit all of your claims electronically.

DentalXChange Solutions, Services, and Promotions

After your registration is complete, a DentalXChange account executive will call your practice within 24 hours. DentalXChange provides training and help in choosing package choices, promotions, and the best services for your practice. Or you could call an Account Executive at 800.576.6412 ext. 462 between 7 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time.