ClaimConnect FAQ

Claim Services Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need any special software to submit with ClaimConnect?
What is the minimum system requirement to use ClaimConnect?


When can I send electronic claims?
Do I need to re-enter patient, insured and provider information each time?
Can I still submit an electronic claim if the insurance company is not found on the payer list?
Now that I send my claims electronically, does that mean I do not have to follow up with insurance companies?
What if I accidentally submit an electronic claim twice?
What if an insurance company says they never received my claim?
Can I send claims electronically that might require x-rays or other attachments?

Sales & Support

How much does ClaimConnect cost?
Whom do I call if I'm having problems or have questions or concerns?

Account Updates

Do I need to notify ClaimConnect if I add a new dentist to my practice?
Do I need to notify ClaimConnect if I have a new address, telephone number, tax identification number, etc.?
Why do I have to change my password so often?
Do I need to register my NPI numbers with ClaimConnect?